Yulimar Rojas achieves her fourth gold at the World Athletics Championships | News

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In a very strong competition and in her last jump, the Venezuelan athlete, Yulimar Rojas, won her fourth gold medal in the World Athletics Championships this Friday; this time at the Budapest, Hungary event.


Venezuelan Yulimar Rojas will participate this Friday in the triple jump final

With 15.08 meters in the women's triple jump final, Rojas equaled, at just 27 years old, the number of outdoor world championships held by her coach and idol, Cuban long jumper Iván Pedroso.

After having reached the final on the fast track by qualifying, in his first attempt, with a mark of 14.59 meters; The world record holder struggled to achieve victory until her convincing last attempt in the competition.

In the final, the young Cuban, Leyanis Pérez, won the bronze medal with 14.96 in her first World Cup, at only 21 years old and with an excellent sequence of jumps; She was only surpassed by Yulimar and the Ukrainian Maryna Bej-Romanchuk, who won the silver medal with a jump of 15.00 meters.

With her victory at the world event in Eugene, United States, last year, Rojas became the first woman to win three world gold medals in her discipline, after London 2017 and Doha 2019.

The South American athlete is the Olympic titleholder of the Tokyo 2020 event and world record holder. July 9, 2021, in Monaco, was the last time she lost in the triple jump. Previously, she had been runner-up in her debut at the Olympics. of Rio de Janeiro 2016.

The also experienced Cuban Liadagmis Povea placed sixth in the competition with 14.87 meters. Other Caribbean women in the top eight were Jamaicans Shanieka Ricketts (fourth with 14.92) and Kimberly Williams (seventh with 14.32), as well as the representative of Dominica Thea LaFond (fifth with 14.90).

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