Yuliia Paievska: Video | Mariupol, filmed from the perspective of a war doctor | on video


He has cared for children, the elderly, Ukrainian and even Russian soldiers. For two weeks, the Ukrainian doctor Yuliia Paievska, better known as Taira (53 years old), has treated numerous wounded from the war in Ukraine, mainly in the besieged city of Mariupol. She decided to record everything with a compact camera placed with a tape on her head and gave the material to the American news agency Associated Press. The agency has now distributed an edited video with her story. EL PAÍS has translated the content and is now broadcasting it in its entirety. Pievska wanted the world to see the same horrors she has had to witness since the Russian invasion began more than two months ago. On March 16, the Kremlin Army captured Taira and her driver. Since then there is no news of this health. In the video that accompanies this news you can see many of the images that she recorded before being held by the Russians.

This physician was also a well-known athletic star in Ukraine. In addition, he was the person who trained the volunteer doctors of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The footage she recorded from February 6 to March 10 offers a unique record of living conditions in a besieged city. She managed to record 256 gigabytes of footage showing how she worked alongside his team.

Ukraine’s government says it has called for Taira’s release, but Russia denies holding her, despite the fact that she has appeared on television in the separatist Donetsk region and on the Russian network NTV, handcuffed and with a bruised face.

This video answers the following questions: Who is Taira and why did he decide to care for the war-wounded? Why have you assisted wounded Russian soldiers? Under what conditions did she do her work? How did this task affect you personally? Why has the Russian Army captured her? How did she manage to hand over her audiovisual material before being detained?

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