Yuliett Torres walks down the street in a transparent dress that reveals her black thong

The Mexican influencer Yuliett Torres is one of the most active celebrities in instagram where he shares images overflowing with sensuality, such as the video he recently published where models a transparent nude-colored dress, which reveals her black thong.

Yuliett Torres is considered the Mexican Kim Kardashianfor her pronounced curves, which she likes to show off with her more than 10 million followers on Instagram.

"At night, what do you do?"the Mexican influencer asks her followers next to the video where she appears walking on the sidewalk showing off her transparent dress.

Let her see her black floss thong

In the images, Yulitte is seen walking very sensual and provocative, since in front of the transparency of her dress, her black thong is noticeable.

It is seen that the influencer does not wear a bra either, which undoubtedly leaves more than one of her followers breathless.

Her long black hair falls over her shoulders and back. His shoes are black.

Yuliett Torres stirs up Instagram

His followers soon send them messages applauding their dress and their sensuality.

"Beautifull. Then I need to go for a walk to run into a big surprise like thiscommented one user.

“Precious, very elegant, nice body. beautiful. Good night beautiful, I'm going out to dinner or to distract myself for a while. You are so beautiful, are other of the messages that Yuliett Torres received.

At 26, Torres has no qualms about showing himself more and more sensual and daringwhich surely his followers appreciate with their likes on his images.

In other photos he recently shared, The influencer wears a green latex top and skirt that highlights her attributes.

The top has a neckline with chains, while the miniskirt is bare at the sides and is held together by a series of chains.

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