'Yucatán is a national benchmark in the use of Nearshoring': Mauricio Vila Dosal

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During his participation as a speaker at the North Capital Forum, the governor of Yucatán, Mauricio Vila Dosal, promoted the competitive advantages and characteristics that the state has, such as improvement of its logistics infrastructure and connectivity, which has allowed it become a pole of attraction for investments that benefit Yucatecans with more and better job opportunities.

Before leaders of international companies from all economic sectors and government representatives from Mexico, the United States and Canada, the state president highlighted the actions carried out by his administration, and that have placed Yucatán as a national and international referencein addition to being placed in Third place nationally in the use of Nearshoring.

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At the time of his presentation on the panel "Can't Stop the Feeling: Soft Power and American Public Diplomacy," organized by the United States – Mexico Foundation, andThe Governor highlighted the competitive advantages of Yucatánwhich include the great air, sea and land connectivity that has led the entity to be located in privileged positions with respect to the rest of the country, such as have the sixth largest airport in Mexico with 21 national and international routesin addition to Progreso, which is the port with the highest container traffic in the southeast of the Republic and its 609 kilometers of train tracks that, together with the Mayan Train, will increase the arrival of tourism and cargo transportation to the entity.

Mauricio Vila Dosal highlighted that Yucatán is going through a historic moment, since 2021 was the year with unprecedented records in economic growth and jobs generatedFurthermore, in 2022 historical highs were reached in the arrival of foreign direct investment and tourists and it was established as the safest year with the lowest crime incidence rate and the greatest crime reduction in its entire history.

“This placed our state as the safest in all of Mexico and the entire American continent, with metrics comparable to the safest cities in Europe such as the Netherlands and Switzerland. In addition, Mérida stood out as the second safest city in the entire region, according to CEO World magazine in 2019 and in 2022, Yucatán was ranked as the safest state in the country, according to the Institute of Peace and Economy.

The government of Yucatán works to grow its energy network and improve educational quality

The Governor commented that he actively promotes the state outside of Mexico through work tours in the United States, Canada, Italy, France, Germany, South Korea and Spain, among others, since it is the ideal place to make investments, which is backed by the British consulting firm Deloittewhich qualified Yucatán in 2021 as the state with the best conditions to invest and in 2022 the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness (IMCO) placed Mérida among the first 10 most competitive cities in the country.

He highlighted that, in order to take advantage of Nearshoring, in Yucatán promotes youth training with skills such as English, as well as the Women in ICT program, which grants a 100% scholarship in registration and tuition throughout the degree, in addition to foster collaborations with the Youth International Foundation and Google.org.

He added that the entity is advancing in energy generation with the construction of two combined cycle plants in Mérida and Valladolid, the expansion of the natural gas network and the Cuxtal II project that will double the capacity of the Mayakan system with 3 wind farms and 2 solar farms.

Through these actions and projects, Yucatán can become the new frontier of the East Coast of the United States, making the Mexican southeast more competitive and increasing the share of regional imports to the United States.

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