YouTube in Colombia: the list of the 10 most viewed videos that are trending today

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From tutorials to the so-called ASMR, you can find all kinds of videos on YouTube. (Infobae/Jovani Pérez)

Since its appearance in 2005, Youtube has become one of the most important websites in the modern world, becoming a global phenomenon that revolutionized the way in which audiovisual content is consumed.

Currently, although other social networks Like TikTok, Facebook or Instagram are increasingly betting on videos, the truth is that YouTube continues to be the king and the figures prove this: it is the second most visited electronic site in the world only behind Google; It also has a presence in 104 countries and is available in 80 languages.

Likewise, around 500 hours of content are uploaded to the American platform per minute and it is believed that five billion videos are viewed every day, leaving Profits estimates of 15 billion dollars per quarter.

Given how easy it is for users to get lost in a world of clips, YouTube has created various lists to consult the most listened to and most viewed artists and what the trends of the day are in real time.

1. The boss
Artist/channel: Shakira and Fuerza Regida

2. Medallo Rhythm (Official Video)
Artist/channel: Cupid and Feid

3. A Preview
Artist/channel: Bad Bunny

4. Ferxxo Edition (Official Video)
Artist/channel: Feid

Artist/channel: Nath, Pirlo and Cheztom

6. Romantic Mondays (Official Video)
Artist/channel: Feid

7. 3D
Artist/channel: Jung Kook

8. GTA Cali Poster
Artist/channel: Esteban Rojas, Reboll 333 and DFZM

Artist/channel: Yailin la Mas Viral

10. Do not say no to me
Artist/channel: Pipe Bueno and Luis Alfonso

*Various titles may be repeated in the ranking because some may be official videos and others may be song lyrics.

YouTube was launched in February 2005.when three former employees of the Paypal company – Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim – got together and created it after they experienced difficulty sharing a couple of videos with each other after attending a party.

The domain was activated on February 14, 2005 and almost a month later, on April 23, it was uploaded the first video to the platform called “Me at the Zoo”. It was a matter of time before everyone started uploading content and sharing links through other social networks like MySpace.

One of the big companies that saw the potential of YouTube was the Nike brand, which uploaded an advertisement starring Ronaldinho, which made other big companies turn to YouTube and feel attracted.

Such was the great reception by Internet users of YouTube that by December 2005 the platform went from 50 million visits a day to 250 million views after a channel uploaded the musical clip Lazy Sunday, originally broadcast by Saturday Night Live.

For the following year, in 2006, the site was compared by the internet giant, Google, worth $1.65 billion. At that time, 100 million videos were viewed a day and 65 thousand clips were added daily. They also signed agreements with record labels to be able to play music videos.

In 2006, the video platform was purchased by Google for $1.65 billion. (EFE/Sascha Steinbach)
In 2006, the video platform was purchased by Google for $1.65 billion. (EFE/Sascha Steinbach)

Since it was launched, YouTube was a site that revolutionized not only the Internet, but also the way users watch content. Example of this the recognition that Time magazine gave it in November 2006 when it was named “Invention of the Year”.

Having become the best means of dissemination, enjoying so much popularity has also put its owners in trouble, such as when to host school fights or where there is bullying, clips related to terrorism, drug trafficking or other topics considered sensitive due to their intimate content or for showing crimes like murders and more.

For the United States one of the more delicate topics is that of school shootings, which is why YouTube has been in the eye of the storm more than once for hosting content filmed by attackers, as was the case with the Virginia Tech massacre, when Cho Seung-Hui, the attacker, He previously uploaded a speech to the facts.

More recently, following the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic, concerns have also been raised about how the platform allows content monetization which can be misleading and risky for the population.

Although not everything is bad, because through this platform many people have been able to be recognized for their talent, as was the case of Susan Boyle, who participated in the program Britain's Got Talent whose extract uploaded to YouTube managed to make the woman a complete stranger to one of the most viral, famous and acclaimed people on the internet.


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