YouTube creators will have to disclose the use of generic AI in videos or risk being suspended

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YouTube is rolling out new rules for AI content, including requiring creators to disclose whether they have used generative AI to create realistic-looking videos.

In a blog post on Tuesday outlining a series of policy updates related to AI, YouTube said that creators who do not disclose whether they have used AI tools to create "altered or synthetic" videos face sanctions including removal of their content or suspension of the platform. income sharing program.

"Generative AI has the potential to unlock creativity on YouTube and transform the experience of viewers and creators on our platform," Jennifer Flannery O'Connor and Emily Moxley, vice presidents of product management, wrote in the blog post. "But equally important is that these opportunities must be balanced with our responsibility to protect the YouTube community."

The restrictions expand the rules that YouTube's parent company, Google, unveiled in September requiring political ads on YouTube and other Google platforms that use artificial intelligence to come with a prominent warning label.

Under the latest changes, which go into effect next year, YouTubers will have new options to indicate whether they are posting AI-generated videos that, for example, realistically depict an event that never happened or show someone saying or doing something that yes he did. Actually it's not like that.

"This is especially important in cases where the content deals with sensitive topics, such as elections, ongoing conflicts and public health crises, or public officials," O'Connor and Moxley said.

Viewers will receive alerts about modified videos with tags, including those featured in YouTube's video player for sensitive topics.

The platform is also deploying artificial intelligence to remove content that violates its rules, and the company said the technology has helped detect “new forms of abuse” more quickly.

YouTube's privacy complaint process will be updated to allow requests for removal of an AI-generated video that simulates an identifiable person, including their face or voice.

YouTube's music partners, such as record labels or distributors, will be able to request the removal of AI-generated music content "that imitates an artist's unique singing or rapping voice."

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