Your vote can save your life 2023/10/08

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Voting is the sacred exercise of the citizen's power.

Maria Corina Machado

The six-year term is ending, there are still many months left but the political environment captures the attention of those who are now fighting for a candidacy, a position, a “little bit” of power. And although many analysts offer their data regarding the country's situation, how the economy is doing, what will happen to Pemex, what will be the destination of our peso, how much have the President's flagship projects cost, what is the level of insecurity and how Citizens perceive, it seems, when listening to the morning speech in the Treasury Room, that the only thing that matters is the decision regarding who will preside over the government in 2024.

The issue is not minor, because in the face of the triumphalist speeches from the Presidency on down, the contempt for the reality that Mexicans face, the ignorance regarding the seriousness of insecurity, health problems and the consequences of the most serious wave of immigrants in history, many national and foreign analysts have documented what is happening and the consequences that all this administrative chaos will have in the coming years.

Because chaos is what we see every day: it is not possible that we have an economy with a deficit that exceeds everything imaginable, that the health of Mexicans has been destroyed and that today there is no medical care or medicine, and that spending catastrophic disease has today reached unimaginable levels.

It is not possible for the government's propaganda apparatus to invade all spaces to distort reality, offer false figures and numbers, and use all means to attack, vilify, ridicule and offend the opposition.

You may ask, dear reader, what is the reason for the heading of this column, I am going to explain: if you are reading Excelsior, you are not one of the 167 thousand dead from murder nor one of the 100 thousand missing or one of the 600 thousand deceased from covid, cancer and other diseases; If you are a woman, you are not one of the 10 dead daily, you are alive and you can celebrate it.

Because the numbers will continue to grow, and everything suggests that things will remain the same if Morena wins the Presidency again and dominance in the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, which may eliminate any possibility of solving the problems that now exist. we suffer.

That is why I say, dear reader, that your vote is and will now be decisive, not only for the future of Mexico, but also for your personal future, because if things continue like this, you could be one of the thousands of murdered, one more of the missing, one more of the sick who will die due to lack of care.

That is why here I have spoken of the importance of supporting the opposition, which is not a mere attempt to “oppose” the government, but the urgent need to restore the rule of law, the recomposition of all areas of government, and the beginning of an era of understanding among Mexicans becomes a reality.

Your vote and that of millions of Mexicans will be essential to achieve it; In these years, you and all of us have been in danger of death due to the abandonment of the government, due to “hugs and not bullets” that gave carte blanche to anyone to attack and kill us. Your vote for the opposition will mean that there is no majority in the chambers, that the course of the nation will be corrected and possibly that you will save your life.

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