Young people die in the United States for consuming adulterated drugs that they bought on Snapchat


Relatives of the youths who have died in recent weeks from adulterated drugs that they bought through the social network Snapchatdemanded that the platform and the other social networks take measures to prevent more adolescents from falling into this situation.

“I am here to warn about the dangers of social networks where drugs and other crimes enter our lives through our children,” Sam Chapman, one of the protesters, told AFP.

It was in Santa Monicain front of the headquarters of Snapchat, the application that is popular among young people because videos and photos can be shared, where the woman and other relatives made it clear that they will not continue to allow social networks to continue to be used to harm their children.

And it is that Chapman said that his son Sammy, 17, lost his life last February due to a poisoning with fentanyl, a highly potent and addictive opiate that was hidden in the drug that the young man obtained through the application.

“He had stopped breathing, fell out of his chair and choked on his own vomit“, a terrible scene that has become very common among young people who believe they are using recreational drugs and inadvertently ingest fentanyl,” he said.

Last year there were 107,000 overdose deaths in the United States, with 70% caused by “fentanyl poisoning.” Right now, it’s the leading cause of death for Americans ages 18 to 45, according to VOIDthe association that called the demonstration.

This organization aims to ensure that social networks, in this case Snapchat, take responsibility for what happens to their users. “If you’re in a supermarket, you slip and fall, you can go get them,” he explained.

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