Young man suffers theft of his cell phone in concert, appears in China: “He has traveled more than you”


“My mobile has traveled more than me,” said the young woman after finding her phone.

Photo: Mark Tantrum/Getty Images

Thefts are a constant at concerts due to the crowdsThis is how it happened to a young woman from Barcelona, ​​in Spain who narrated through TikTok that her cell phone was stolen while she was enjoying Brunch-In The Parkan electronic music festival.

However, the most curious and unusual thing about the fact was that his iPhone brand mobile appeared in neither more nor less than in China. And it is that once he left the live presentation in Madrid, the woman used the “find my iPhone” tool to find out where her device was.

My mobile has traveled more than me”, Said the young woman after finding her phone many kilometers away. The only request she made in the recording of her that immediately went viral was that they not open her gallery; however, she noticed that her phone was already locked.

The reactions on social networks were immediate, some responding sarcastically due to the strangeness of the case, while Others pointed out that once their phones were stolen, they appeared in different places on the globe..

“Incredible, but this is very common”, “The mobile: I just wanted to see the world”, “He has returned home”, “There they unlock them and sell them here again”, “They also stole my mobile and ended up in the same street in China”, “One was stolen from me and they took it to Morocco”, “They are going to sell it by pieces, don’t worry about the gallery”, “He went on vacation to China” and “One always returns to where He was happy,” users noted.

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