Young man adopted by Charlotte’s family breaks down in tears to celebrate his birthday for the first time (VIDEO)


The social networks they have become the main means by which people express their feelings, show their day to day and in the case of a young man who was recently adopted, boast that for the first time he had a birthday cake.

Abraham Walkeroriginally from Sierra Leone and adopted by a family from Charlotte, North Carolina, is the name of the teenager who could not hide his emotion when he saw that his day was celebrated by the people who decided to open the doors of their home to him.

The video of the moment immediately went around the world and left great reactions for those who viewed it, since it was inevitable to get emotional and shed one or another tear before a moving moment.

“Abraham has never ‘made a wish’ or blown out the candles on his own cake! This is what joy looks like, ”reads the description of the clip that was shared by Jamie, Abraham’s adoptive mother.

In the images, the woman is seen entering the kitchen with a pie full of lit candles, and then with the rest of the family sing the classic “Happy Birthday” to Abraham, who was immediately moved by the celebration.

And it is that he expressed that he did not know what a birthday was, so he did not know how to react to such a gesture from his new family: “We never knew about something called a birthday.”

“It just feels like God is showing all the blessings on you. Everyone in the entire world is giving you their best love they have ever given. This is what it feels like to have that cake,” she added.

His parents and siblings consented to it on that special and emotional day for the whole family, which although it was a few weeks ago, recently became the most viral video on the internet.

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