Young American man disappears in Tamaulipas and his family asks for help to find him

The Tamaulipas Prosecutor's Office carries out investigation and search work for NĂĄjera Olvera.

Photo: Tamaulipas Prosecutor's Office / Courtesy

Mexico is a country that faces a serious crisis of disappearances of people, many cases are due to another problem, organized crime and the drug war that is being waged in different states. In recent months, several cases have been reported in which US citizens enter the country and are not heard from again, the most recent being that of Jose Rodolfo Najera Olvera18 years old, who disappeared in Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas on June 10.

Through social networks the relatives of the US citizen have disseminated the information regarding his disappearancesuch as the search form issued by the Tamaulipas State Attorney General's Office (FGJ), reported El Heraldo de MĂ©xico.

According to what his loved ones referred, the young man living in Texas would have sent a message in which he mentioned that he was going to the El Roble river, in the company of a friend in a car.

For his part, Jorge Cuellar Montoya, spokesman for Security of the Government of Tamaulipas, reported that the Attorney General's Office and the State Commission for the Search of Persons are carrying out investigations and searches for NĂĄjera Olvera.

The relatives showed a card and other documents that identify José Rodolfo Najera as a US citizen, thus joining the list of foreigners who disappear in Mexican territory.

Americans in Tamaulipas

On June 1, the kidnapping of US citizens from the Dominican Republic was recorded in the municipality of Soto La Marina. The five people were traveling aboard a Jeep Grand Cherokee truck, a Jeep Wangler and a luxury Lamborghini car, when they were intercepted by members of organized crime. The authorities managed to rescue them after a confrontation with the criminals.

early march four Americans were kidnapped in Nuevo Laredo, the events were preceded by a shooting and were captured on video. Two of them were killed and the authorities managed to free the other two.

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