“You finish and you leave!”: Opponents of AMLO march against the Revocation of Mandate


Thousands of opponents of the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador they marched in the Mexico City and other cities in the country against the controversial consultation of Revocation of Mandatewhich on April 10 will call citizens to the polls to decide on the continuity of the president.

With the slogan “You finish and go!” as the name of the march and also as the main claim, about 2 thousand people, mostly dressed in white, walked in Mexico City, from Angel of Independence to the Monument to the Revolutionalong the central Reforma Avenue, to reject the unprecedented exercise of direct participation next Sunday.

Disagree with query

“We came to support the march because we are in complete disagreement with the Revocation of the Mandate since they turned it into a ratification and a means of division and confusion for society,” Diana, a member of the organization Ciudadanos con just cause, which promoted the protest.

“We call to leave empty ballot boxes, I am not going on April 10, I am leaving him (the president) alone because later we are going to go to the polls on June 5 to vote in the ordinary elections for the (six) governorships in dispute, We are going to get people to vote, that is a vote, this is a consultation that turned it into a farce, “added the activist.

The revocation consultation, derived from the Federal Mandate Revocation Law enacted in September, causes controversy because it is promoted by President López Obrador himself, for which the opposition has accused him of promoting “a permanent campaign” to mobilize his bases. .

“The poor INE is going to end it, it goes against him, (and López Obrador does) all this to go against the people and continue dominating the people,” public accountant Lourdes Gómez told Efe, who said she attended the march because “I am not satisfied with this government.”

For women, President López Obrador “is ordering a revocation that he should not have called.”

“The revocation is a trap because he is organizing it and we have to ask the citizens for a revocation, not the president, and from there he is no longer cheating,” he added.

In the process of the exercise, the shocks of Lopez Obrador with the INE along with a controversy over the hundreds of billboards in which President López Obrador appears inviting the consultation and it is not known who paid.

In addition to the approval of a presidential decree so that public officials could demonstrate about the process, which on Tuesday 29 was declared “inapplicable” by the Electoral Court of the Judicial Power of the Federation (TEPJF).

not enter the game

For the activist Julián Hamlet, who preferred to give the name he uses on social networks, the march was because “we are not going to enter the game of the April 10 vote.”

“We do not agree that if a president who signed his commitment for six years in 2018 (at the head of the country), he wants to make a three-year revocation. For us it is: you finish your administration (López Obrador, in 2024) and you go and get ready because we are going to denounce you and we are going to sue you, ”he warned.

92 million 823 thousand 216 citizens are invited to participate in the exercise officially.

On several occasions, the Mexican president has said that although the result of the referendum to revoke the mandate is not binding, since it gathers 40 percent of the citizen participation of some 35 million people, if the majority of voters vote not to continue to lead the Government of Mexico, he will leave.

The protest It also occurred in cities such as Querétaro, Veracruz, Toluca, Guadalajara, León and Montereyamong other.


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