"You can't do that (racist insults) with black people": Vinícius Jr | Tweet

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Vinicius Junior, brazilian striker Real Madrid, assured in his statement by videoconference before the Investigating Court number 3 of Palma de Mallorca for the racist insults received at Mallorca Son Moix that "this cannot be done with black people, who have been affected during the History of Humanity", according to what the newspaper published on Thursday The world.

"You can't do that with black people who have been affected during the History of Humanity"pointed out the South American during his statement, which lasted about 20 minutes and was made by videoconference, in which he insisted that does not forgive the fans who uttered those racist insultshence does not waive financial compensation.

During his speech before the judge, as published The world, Vinícius would have heard the insults and expletives already after the game played in February against Mallorca, thanks to the recordings that were broadcast in the press. And it is that what offended the forward were not the disqualifications that they usually hear from the stands, but those screams against the color of his skin.

The information of The world revealed that during the judge's questioning, the player was asked by the defense about if when he is called "monkey" it is because he does "monerías".

"That will be white people, not black people." Vinícius responded emphatically, accompanied only by a lawyer from LaLiga, who reiterated that they insult him for being "an important player and black, for both things."

During the duel between Majorca and Real Madrid played on February 5, a fan -a 21-year-old member-, caught on camera, yelled at the Brazilian striker 'Vinicius, you're a monkey, you're a fucking monkey!'

Before these images of DAZN, LaLiga filed a complaint with the Courts of Palma, understanding that this was the only effective action to censor these attitudes and put an end to them. Immediately, Mallorca withdrew the membership card of said 'vermilion' follower.

(With information from Europe Press)

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