You can choose your favorite Sequoia with more options

You can choose your favorite Sequoia with more options
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The third-generation 2024 Toyota Sequoia full-size pickup makes an immediate impression. This three-row SUV elevates that segment with luxurious comfort, technology and impressive performance from an efficient hybrid powertrain.

The 2024 Sequoia with new exterior appearance and off-road performance options. A Nightshade package was added to enhance the Sequoia's style and attitude. The popular and capable TRD Off-Road package is also available on 4x4 Platinum models.

Customers now have more options when it comes to choosing the right Sequoia for them. The new Nightshade package features several black accents, such as the 20-inch wheels, fenders, grille, mirror caps and even the badges. It is available exclusively on Limited grades.

New for 2024, Sequoia Platinum 4x4 models can now be equipped with the TRD Off-Road package. This provides the customer with premium amenities and performance ready for the roughest trails, all in one incredible SUV.

All 2024 Sequoias will feature the powerful i-FORCE MAX twin-turbo V6 hybrid powertrain. First introduced in the Tundra, this exceptional hybrid produces 437 horsepower.

This i-FORCE MAX isn't just big on power, as this cleverly designed powertrain features a single motor generator between the twin-turbo engine and 10-speed automatic transmission. This design provides maximum performance and amazing efficiency, and is designed and built with heavy-duty performance and demand in mind.

  • The Sequoia is offered in 2WD or the part-time 4WD system available on SR5, Limited, Platinum and Capstone trims.
  • TRD Pro is offered only in 4WD. The partial 4WD system relies on a transfer case, controlled by a button on the center console, to select between 2WD, 4WD high or 4WD low.

On the open road

As it should be, the full-size SUV segment is demanding. That means the Sequoia needs to handle a multitude of tasks in stride.

Built with this in mind, the SUV is based on a modern body-on-frame chassis with a fully boxed frame that shares architecture with the Tundra.

  • The three-row SUV offers a variety of seating and cargo configurations.
  • Depending on grade, second-row passengers get bench seats or captain's chairs, which recline for passenger comfort or fold or fall forward if more cargo space is needed.
  • Third-row passengers benefit from a spacious, reclining rear seat with available power folding.
  • The third row also features one of the Sequoia's most notable features: the exclusive sliding third row with adjustable cargo shelf system.

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