Yotuel and Beatriz Luengo fight for the freedom of Cuba with “Patria y Vida: The Power Of Music”

Yotuel and Beatriz Luengo at the Latin Grammy 2023.

Photo: Arthur Holmes. /Getty Images

After the riots in Cuba in 2021, a series of musicians led by the Cuban and former member of orishas, Yotuel Romeroand who was the star of the Spanish series "One Step Forward", Beatriz Luengo, raised their voices together with the protesters against the injustices, the censorship and the subhuman conditions of many of those who live on the island. “Patria y Vida" was called his battle cry.

"Homeland and Life: The Power of Music"by Beatriz Later and Youtel Romero.
"Homeland and Life: The Power of Music". PHOTO: H+M Communications.

“A song that was born as a voice to reclaim what has been happening with the dictatorship for more than 60 years in Cuba. A song for our unjustly imprisoned compañeros, for thinking differently or for simply speaking…”, he said Me you him When asked about the origin of the documentary film who presented with Beatriz Luengo at “Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival” and at “Tribeca Films in New York” a few days ago.

Exclusively and directly from the red carpet, this pair of artists recounted the experience of making a documentary in Cuba and the risks that this entails. It was directed by her own Beatriz Luengo. In it appear in addition to Youtuel, Descemer Good, Maykel Osorbo, the funky and the well-known group Zone People.

“When I was walking through Cuba, a sign that said “Patria o Muerte” caught my attention.-. I immediately asked Me you him how was this possible. What a strong phrase! When we made the song came up -Homeland and Life-. The people who are there also need the hope of those of us who are outside," he said. beatrice.

The Latin Grammy, the imprisonment and the documentary "Patria y Vida: The Power Of Music"

The song went viral as the imprisonments in Cuba. More artists reproduced it and sang it on social networks. "She somehow encouraged the people and accompanied them in their protests," added one of the three members of orishas. He became an event and a flag for everyone who wanted to raise his voice after many years of silence.

“Patria y Vida” broke streaming records and was nominated for a Latin Grammy. They won two gramophones. However, one of the architects of what it had become a movement received him in jail. Maykel Osorbo is the only musician in the world who has won a Latin Grammy while in prison.

Alexander Delgado and Randy Malcom from Gente de Zona, Yotuel, Beatriz Luengo, El Funky, Descemer Bueno at the Latin Grammy 2021.
Alexander Delgado and Randy Malcom from Gente de Zona, Yotuel, Beatriz Luengo, El Funky, Descemer Bueno at the Latin Grammy 2021. PHOTO: Arturo Holmes/Getty Images.

Yotuel Romero and Beatriz Luengo they were already prepared. Part of the protests, injustices and growth had already been filmed in an impressive way and in hours of the movement. Part of the documentary already had it. But the odyssey was to record Maykel Osorbo. The risk was imminent, but the feeling to raise his voice was even more so.

“It was very difficult to get cameras, audio equipment, etc., on the island. There are people who put their lives at risk. But Maykel Osorbo recorded. The government (of Miguel Díaz-Canel) pushed harder, but art does not give up. For us it was strong, but for those who are there it is more so. This is our fight to make things change”said Me you him.

When asked if "Homeland and Life: The Power of Music" is a protest documentary, the Spanish responded: “It is a documentary so that the truth can be seen. We show it. The one who sees it decides what he thinks. is the voice of art. That is what we artists can do. Raise your voice for injustices and show them to the world and who can help. Just as we are doing by going to the different and most important international festivals”.

"Homeland and Life: The Power of Music" will continue a circuit through the different film events in the world. For now and until the closing of this note, they do not have an agenda for it to be shown to the general public, but they urged you to follow it on their social networks and keep an eye on the news.

Yotuel, Beatriz Luengo, Andy Garcia, Arturo Sandoval, Elces Abby and Mellow Man Ace at the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival 2023.
Yotuel, Beatriz Luengo, Andy Garcia, Arturo Sandoval, Elces Abby and Mellow Man Ace at the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival 2023. PHOTO: Steven Simione/Getty Images.

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