Yordi Rosado refuses to delete Luis de Llano’s interview after Sasha Sokol’s accusation

Yordi Rosado.

Photo: Archive / Reforma Agency

After the revealing accusation of sasha sokol against the producer Luis de Llano Macedo criticism has begun to rain down on the driver Yordi Rosado.

Last weekend, the writer also interviewed Luis de Llano for his YouTube program, where the producer talked about the romance he had with Sasha Sokol, assuring that this relationship arose when she was 17 years old while he was 42 and would not have lasted more than six months. While the singer reacted to her statements by telling her version and accusing the creative of abuse.

However, Yordi has been the target of attacks in which they have demanded that he delete said material, for which he turned to his social networks to give his position.

“I want to talk about this: These interviews that we are doing together with my team have a goal, and the goal is for it to be a very open interview.very frank, very real”, clarified Yordi.

The Host of ‘Members on the Air’ said that the purpose of these talks is to be able to see the human side of celebrities, but to achieve that he has to act impartially and cannot judge his guests.

“Obviously later, when we see the information, everyone can make their own decision; I try to be a means for others to decide and take a position. That is the idea of ​​that space.”

He promised to continue respecting the information shared by his guests, with which each of the parties involved can make their own conclusions.

“I can assure you that together with my team we will continue investigating, working to obtain the information. And always, with my guests, so that they can talk what everyone wants, and me respecting this information so that later everyone does with it what they think is most convenient, “he added in the video posted on Instagram.

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