Yolanda Andrade responds to Laura Zapata and reveals how much money Thalía sent her for her grandmother


Laura Zapata / Yolanda Andrade.

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The heated war of declarations that maintains Laura Zapata and Yolanda Andrade returns to star in the headlines, but now it is the host of Unicable who defended herself and once and for all sent a forceful reply to the sister of Thalia.

It was through the magazine TVNotes where Yolanda Andrade decided to respond to the strong accusations launched a few days ago by Laura Zapata, who made her responsible for anything that could happen to her since, according to various investigations carried out by her fans, the presenter’s family is highly dangerous.

In this regard, Andrade said: “If something happens to her, I am not responsible, she is saying things that are not, let it be clear. That she takes responsibility for her words, because she is already quite old“.

But that was not all, since he also recalled the controversial interview in which Laura Zapata pointed out to Mexicans that they were lazy and allowed the government to give them money. So the presenter of ‘Montse & Joe’ recalled again that Thalía supported her grandmother, Doña Eva Mange, who, according to her, did not provide the attention she needed.

“My friend Thalía supported her grandmother and, therefore, Laura Zapata received the money and what did the lady do?. But she remembers that her grandmother had sores, if she had had good nurses, that would not have happened; then what care Laura gave him, he blamed the caregivers, but… what about their responsibility?it will remain on your conscience, ”he explained.

Likewise, he defended his friendship with Thalía, which began when they were both 15 years old, so it became a very close relationship and the actress’s mother was always aware of her sexual preferences, so this was not an impediment to live together.

“Of course I knew, for Doña Yolanda there was no issue with that; We were all gay, the one in the locker room, the makeup artist, everyone, ”she sentenced.

He stressed that it is outrageous that Laura Zapata has offended all Mexicans, because what really bothers him is that now that his grandmother has died, Thalía will no longer send him money and will have to work, so when questioned Regarding the monthly amount he received, he answered:

“$3 thousand dollars or more, it depends on what he asked for, he was always offered things.”

Yolanda Andrade

And he affirmed that Thalía loved her grandmother, so much that when it was Doña Eva’s birthday she was in charge of buying the gifts that Tommy Mottola’s wife sent her.

“Thalía told me: ‘please, buy her something, a nice little blanket,’ and that’s how I spent every birthday; Doña Eva never lacked flowers or gifts, Thalía always sent them and I was the messenger… what’s more, my sister Marilé chose the flowers”.

Yolanda Andrade also said that she does not take Zapata’s comments seriously, since she was the one who threw people on top, “she is crazy and has no idea how delicate her words are“.

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