'Yo', the pioneer of the offer of credit in exchange for physical assets in Mexico

'Yo', the pioneer of the offer of credit in exchange
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Yo, a leading company in the fintech sector, revolutionizes the financial landscape in Mexico and Latin America by offering a pioneering security guarantee solution. With this, Yo Card clients will be able to convert physical assets into digital lines of credit, marking a milestone in the region's financial industry.

By addressing liquidity challenges and unlocking the intrinsic value of physical objects, the Mexican startup transforms traditional lending rules, unlocking growth opportunities and providing financial stability.

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The company emphasized that it not only offers a line of credit, but also an opportunity to build and improve the credit history of its users, opening doors to future financial opportunities. In a context where 21% of the Latin American population still does not have access to a financial account and more than 56 million adults in Mexico do not have a formal credit product.

Main features of the Yo Card:

  • Leveraging physical assets: Users will be able to use physical items, including watches, jewelry, gold, electronics, and more, as collateral to obtain a virtual and physical credit card.
  • Receiving digital and physical card: Customers will instantly receive a digital credit card, and within a few days, a physical card will be delivered by mail, both completely free of charge.
  • Alliance with the collateral loan industry: In strategic collaboration with a leading collateral loan company, users can store their assets in secure facilities in a network of branches with coverage throughout the national territory.
  • Collateral Agnostic Vision: The technology platform developed by Yo accepts both physical assets and collateral money and has plans to expand to assets such as stocks, cars and real estate.
  • Establishing credit history: Yo Card users will have the opportunity to begin building a solid credit history, as their good payment behavior will be reported to credit bureau institutions, which can improve their future financing opportunities.
  • Benefits: Offers a cashback program of up to 3% of each transaction.
  • User-centric experience: Users have the flexibility to choose traditional currency or physical assets as collateral and decide their credit limit.

Our vision of being 'collateral agnostic' allows us to offer unique and effective financial solutions. By unlocking the intrinsic value of physical assets, we provide financial freedom and liquidity to those who need it most, especially young people looking to start their financial life," said Julian Arber, CEO and co-founder of Yo.

"With the Yo Card, we want to reconfigure the landscape of financial inclusion in Mexico. This product empowers users, accessing credit according to their circumstances, without the limitations of traditional guarantees," added Rafael Maya, President and co-founder of Yo .

Additionally, management highlighted the innovative use of artificial intelligence across Yo's operations, including fraud detection, risk management and valuations, underscoring the company's commitment to security and efficiency.



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