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  • They were already humiliated in the classic by América and it seems that the worst is yet to come. I do believe that Hierro should prepare a plan B.

No matter how much I deny it Fernando Hierro and no matter how much he tells us Veljko Paunovic that everything is going wonderfully, it is evident that something broke in Chivas. Something is not right. They don't play well, they don't score goals and they don't win games.

That is called a crisis here and in China. Tension is what is breathed in Verde Valle every morning and during training. The players do not smile and it is evident that something is happening, which cannot be corrected as long as they do not criticize themselves.

Chivas reached the final of the last tournament and now its participation in the league is in doubt. That's why I don't understand which is the real Guadalajara. Alexis Vega booed and the other players shouting at the stands.

Tension and pressure that they don't know how to handle. Iron You have to make urgent changes. Training and day-to-day life have to be different from what is happening. It is urgent that Chivas recover its memory.

Last tournament they ran more and pressed in all areas of the field. They already forgot that. That's why I talk about crisis. Because it does exist and because they don't want to accept it. The complicated visit to Toluca comes and, later, the classic Guadalajara match against Atlas. Very tough schedule.

They were already humiliated in the classic by América and it seems that the worst is yet to come. I do believe that Iron You should prepare a plan B for technical direction. And also the crisis that is being experienced in the MX League, which has made a fool of itself in recent days by putting and removing points on the table for different situations.

A Puebla assistant, a Rayados shirt and a Mazatlán player have shown that they are an organizational disaster and that it seems to be a banana league. Depending, the toad is the stone and, now, nothing makes sense.

Mikel Arriola They should be very worried about everything that is happening, because the only thing they gain is for the fans to stop believing in their league. And when you lose credibility in something, things get very difficult.

Let's see what little surprise they have in store for us on this date 10. Anything can happen. I, a long time ago, lost the sense of surprise with Mexican soccer.

Yes there is a crisis.

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