Yellow, green, orange or red urine: this is what each color means and the possible associated diseases

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A doctor with a urine test (Shutterstock)

Urinating is an action that all humans perform several times a day. For this reason, many do not give the color of their urine the importance they should. However, the tones that appear in the toilet they say a lot about health and the different colors can even reveal the presence of diseases or infections in the body.

From the Spanish Gynecological Group (AGE) they affirm that not only must we pay attention to the color of the urine, but also its transparency, smell and amount of foamwhich can have different meanings about the state of health.

A strong urine odor can occur after eating foods such as asparagus or coffee, but it could also be a sign of infection. If the urine is foamy, it is usually due to the presence of protein and may be caused by a dietary problem, if too much protein is consumed, or by a kidney problem.

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If you have recently noticed a change in the color of your urine, it could be a symptom of a more serious pathology such as an illness, an infection, or excess or lack of fluids. The yellow tone of the urine indicates the hydration level of the body and the darker the golden tones of the urine, the less hydrated the body is, according to the AGE.

On the other hand, if we drink enough, our urine will have a light yellow color. A dark orange or yellow color may also occur when ingested. certain drugs, vitamin D supplements, or foods such as carrot, mango, spinach or chard.

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However, other more noticeable colors such as brown or teal could be signs of a health problem. On the one hand, if the color of the urine is brown, it is a possible indication of liver problems that require medical attention. If the urine is red, it is usually due to the presence of blood in the urine, which could be a symptom of an infection or more serious diseases such as bladder or urinary tract tumors. However, the red color can also be produced with intake of blueberries or other red foods.

If the shades of your urine look more like a bluish-green color, the cause could be viagra consumptionbacterial infections or benign familial hypercalcemia, a rare disease characterized by an alteration of mineral metabolism.

Urinary tract infection (Shutterstock)
Urinary tract infection (Shutterstock)

If the color of your urine has purple, whitish, or cloudy yellow tones, it may be an infection. The color purple is associated with different infections that neutralize the acid in the urine, while cloudy yellow could be a symptom of a urinary infection such as cystitis.

On the other hand, if the urine is whitish, it may be a warning sign of the expulsion of white blood cells from the body as a result of an infection. However, the AGE emphasizes that the key to knowing whether there is reason to worry or not is in its prolongation, that is, in the number of days that the urine has this color. From the AGE they point out that the Early diagnosis and treatment are key to recover quickly from urinary infections or illnesses.

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