Yankees back Boone; they want to forget the catastrophic 2023

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Hal Steinbrenner, principal owner of the Yankeesturned to former players of Manhattan Mules and of the current ones to value their opinions on what may be best for the team with a view to the next campaign, after having suffered a catastrophic season in which They did not qualify for the playoffs for the first time since 2016.

Steinbrenner held a videoconference in which he said he was dissatisfied with the results obtained by the Yankees by finishing in fourth position in the American League East Division with a record of 82-80, but despite the catastrophe, he assured that the manager Aaron Boone will return for next season after the weight of the voices that supported the coach to continue.

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They all came to the same conclusion which is: Aaron is a good manager. He should be our leader in 2024. That was the first big decision I had to make,” Steinbrenner commented in a teleconference.

He owner of the Yankees assured that he will make greater efforts to straighten the path of the teamand something key will be improving the offense that ranked 25th in runs scored this season.

The fans didn't get what they deserved, but we're all passionate about this. We are leaving our skin behind. “We are going to do everything possible to right the ship in the 2024 campaign. But it was a very bad year in 2023.”

Steinbrenner assured that boone He will meet with management in Tampa Bay in the offseason to assess what needs to be improved on the team.

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