Yanet García, "the weather girl", poses next to the window wearing her rear with minimal lingerie

Yanet Garcia.

Photo: Archive / Reform Agency

yanet garcia raised the temperature within social networks with a daring photograph in which once again she showed off her shapely rear guard while posing in minimal lingerie.

"The weather girl" forgot for a moment about the tiny bikinis to show off again with daring lingerie with which she constantly receives compliments from her followers, and it was exactly through her official Instagram account where the model captivated posing with a seductive garment that paralyzed the heart of more than one.

As has happened on other occasions, the also actress from Monterrey, Nuevo León, turned her back on the camera to share a taste of what they can enjoy on her OnlyFans page. Wearing a grape colored lingerie set and posing by the windowwas how it ended up causing thousands of reactions.

But the heated image was also used to motivate his fans to continue fighting for their dreams despite how complicated it may seem, because with the message: "hard work pays off“He made it clear that everything he has achieved is the result of his dedication, effort and commitment.

After revealing this brief sample of her exuberant beauty, Yanet García used the same social profile to promote the Fitplan platform in which she offers a personalized training plan and offers exclusive advice to maintain the results achieved and thus achieve new goals, because in addition to being Recognized for her work in television and social networks, she is also fully qualified for it after achieving a certification as health coach.

It should be remembered that, in addition to pushing his passion for the fitness world to the limit with his demanding training days that he carries out every day and a healthy lifestyle, he does not tire of boasting that it is thanks to this that he has managed to obtain a silhouette heart attack

And as a clear example is the short recording that he published on Instagram stories, but which has also been taken up by other social networks in which he ends up causing a stir by showing his exercised rear in front of the mirror.

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