Yalitza Aparicio surprises in the kitchen by preparing traditional Oaxacan tamales with her mother


Yalitza Aparicio continues to show that he does not forget his roots, so decided to go to the kitchen to prepare some delicious Oaxacan tamales with the original family recipe.

It was through her YouTube channel, where the Oscar nominee in the category of Best Actress for her participation in the movie “Roma” shared with her 170,000 subscribers how her mother prepares traditional mole tamales with chicken that she is used to eat on the occasion of Candlemas Day, celebrated in Mexico on February 2.

And although on this occasion she confessed that she would only dedicate herself to recording the entire process because she is not an expert in the kitchen, the video was a success among her followers, because in it she was once again proud of her origins with the preparation of this delicious dish.

“We want to share with you how we make tamales, we are going to do it with what we get here in Mexico City. We are Oaxacan so you know how we are very strict on that aspect of food. My mom is going to prepare them because I don’t know“, was how he began the preparation that he summarized in a few minutes.

Before starting the tutorial, Mrs. Margaret Martinez and Sendi, Yalitza’s friend, shared the ingredients they would use, including corn dough, mole, banana leaves, lard, salt, chicken broth, and shredded chicken.

The process began with the incorporation of a little chicken broth and lard in the corn dough, until a homogeneous and easy-to-handle mixture was achieved, and then spread it over the banana leaves, some cooked and others raw, to give more flavor to the Tamale.

Immediately, both Yalitza’s mother and her friend added the traditional black mole from Oaxaca and chicken, to finish wrapping with the leaves.

If they are tied up they are not Oaxacan“, Yalitza added as a tip to identify the original tamales.

After just over 45 minutes in a steamer, the traditional Mexican dish was ready to be served with chocolate and some delicious semitas.

This is how the native of Taxiaco, Oaxaca, shared that, although she is not an expert in the kitchen, she does not forget the flavors of the land where she was born and if it is about showing off her cultural and gastronomic wealth, she knows perfectly how achieve it.

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