Yalitza Aparicio responds to criticism from a youtuber for her pronunciation in English


Yalitza Aparicio.

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There is no doubt that Yalitza Aparicio She began her acting career with a bang by receiving a nomination for Oscar for his debut in the film “Rome”. Getting the attention of Hollywood at first is an achievement that few actors can boast of, but keeping the interest of the movie mecca in the long term is even more difficult and, to achieve it, it is necessary to learn English as soon as possible.

In the case of Yalitza, she has faced the challenge of shooting in this language in the short film “Daughter of witches” and now the evaluation of his pronunciation made on his channel by a popular youtuber known as super holly. In short, the actress has not been able to accept acceptably – at least in the opinion of the aforementioned vlogger-, but she has shown that she knows how to take criticism very calmly.

“The effort is made, but it costs a lot,” Yalitza acknowledged in another video recorded by herself and published on Youtube. “As they say, well, it takes time. It is a process. And now, speak perfect English… I don’t think so. Right now, the truth is no. What’s more, In this short, the intention is to look like a Mexican girl who had to go to the United States. And when we checked what pronunciation it should have, what tone, the director remarked that it had to be noted that it was not from there”.

Actually, Superholly considers that Yalitza’s intervention in the short film is not enough to analyze her accent and fluency and, although he looked for other interviews where he spoke English, he was almost unable to find them. Actually, that has only made him improve his opinion of the actress for having known how to remain firm asking that others adapt to her by interviewing her in Spanish during her stay in the United States.

The aforementioned, for her part, recognized that it is difficult for him to express himself in English even now that he has been studying it for a long time due to his innate shyness. “The truth is that our Superholly is right,” he said. “It is never too late to start. It has cost me a lot, it still costs me too much. Those who have known me from the beginning know that I had never spoken English, what’s more, it was hard for me to express myself or talk to people I didn’t know”.

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