Yailin reveals the bitter moments she experienced when separating from Anuel AA in the video for "Narcisista"

The artistic rise of Yailin 'The Most Viral' for the past few months it has been unprecedented. Now The Dominican premiered the official video of the lapidary song 'Narcisista', whose lyrics describe what she experienced during her relationship and separation from the rag-picker Anuel AA.

To silence the doubts of those who wondered if bachata was really dedicated to the Puerto Rican, YAilin decided to make it clear using in the video where a protagonist very similar to him and even a phrase that the interpreter of 'Más Rica Que Ayer' said in public that marked her.

In the video "La Más Viral" appears with a voluminous long red dress which is part of the cloth floor of the wide room full of windows and mirrors where below her level, scenes of what she lived through were recreated.

The glasses she drank in the midst of her pain, remembering the stage of falling in love in which she filled her with flowers, stuffed animals and other gifts, the infidelities, the controversies with the press, her pregnancy, the birth of Cattleya and even the controversial Instagram live in which Anuel announced that they were already a couple, he showed them in his video.

About this last moment, he shared a pregnant woman looking at her cell phone, in which the man who played the role of Puerto Rican appears, saying what he commented on "live" at the beginning of February.

“She is the mother of my daughter, but I am no longer with her”, Words that, from what is reflected in the video, hurt her a lot when she was approximately a month away from giving birth.

At the end of the video clip, Yailin is seen from behind, shedding her red garments and walking naked towards a new path without Anuel AA.

Tekashi 6ix9ine reacts to the video

To reiterate that she is supporting the influencer in her professional career, Tekashi commented on the publication that "La Más Viral" made on Instagram, letting it be known that he trusts her and the growth she will have as an artist.

"You are going to be the greatest in this world with God ahead and if God allows it"commented the interpreter of 'Owner', getting the attention of more than 80 thousand people who have given the comment 'like'.

The American rapper has been very active commenting on the 'Chivirika' publications for weeks, He even commented on the launch of the line of baby skin care products that bears the name of Cattleya.

It has been rumored that 'La Más Viral' and 6ix9ine have a relationship beyond work and friendship. They denied it a week ago in an interview on the Alofoke Radio Show, but the chemistry that exists between them and the support that many have been giving indicates otherwise.

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