Yailin "La Más Viral" poses in a tiny pink bikini to show off what Anuel AA lost

Singer Yailin 'The Most Viral' It's giving a lot to talk about lately. Shortly after giving birth to the daughter she had with her ex Anuel AA, the Dominican has been showing off her voluptuous curves and showing off the changes she has been making in her musical career.

A couple of days ago the artist released his new song 'Narcissista' which, according to herself, is an outlet on everything that has lived after his separation with the Puerto Rican.

In order to promote the song full of lapidary phrases against the interpreter of 'Más Rica Que Ayer', 'La Más Viral' shared some sensual photographs on her Instagram profile from a pool wearing a pink bikini.

To accompany the images, Yailin decided to give a message of female empowerment to women who have gone through a breakup with "narcissistic" men.

“Today I want to remind those women how incredible and valuable they are. Those who have overcome a narcissistic relationship, an experience that may have left emotional scars, but have shown impressive #narcissistic inner strength”wrote the mother of Anuel AA's youngest daughter at the bottom of her photos.

The Dominican artist's post did not take long to generate reactions among Internet users and in less than 16 hours it has reached almost 900,000 'likes' and some 23,000 comments.

"Let's take this example that Yailin gives us with a lot of experience"; "Everyone blames her for the breakup of Anuel and Karol and she had nothing to do with it. We forget that before her Anuel got another pregnant”; "Hopefully and you have learned that you cannot go around in life hurting and mocking"; "No one has called you againrrrrrrrr hahahaha karma" and "Things that happen in life so that you get that inner strength that you didn't even know you had"are some of the messages that can be read in your publication.

In addition to sharing the photos, in his stories on the camera's social network, he uploaded a video dancing bachata that recounts the painful process he went through.

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