XIV Summit of Heads of State of the Brics begins in China | News


Focused on promoting multilateralism and global development, technology transfer, health cooperation, poverty reduction, harmony with the environment, and the articulation of a financial economy capable of overcoming the current crisis, the XIV Summit began this Thursday in China. of Heads of State and Government of the Brics.


China says sanctions affect the whole world

It is about heading towards a new era of shared global development, on the basis of exchange and mutual trust of its members and strengthening trade and security exchanges despite the impact of Covid-19, the economic crisis, and the Russia-Russia conflict. Ukraine.

Taking part in the meeting are Chinese President Xi Jinping and his counterparts Cyril Ramaphosa (South Africa), Jair Bolsonaro (Brazil), Vladimir Putin (Russia) and Narendra Modi (India), who, in addition to assessing the bloc’s journey since its founding in 2009 , will project their prospects of gaining prominence in an increasingly complex world context.

To which they add the need to consolidate stability in international relations not only among its members, but also with other countries, which is why China, since assuming the temporary presidency of the bloc last January, has promoted more than 70 meetings ministerial meetings on topics such as security, agriculture, finance and trade.

To which should be added the creation among the members of the bloc of a new space cooperation program, which includes collaboration in the field of satellites, data exchange and space observation.

Prior to Thursday’s summit, a business forum was held, in which the Chinese head of state and his Russian counterpart condemned the economic sanctions policies imposed by Western powers which have repercussions throughout the world.

Xi Jinping called for increased foreign business and investment in China, stressing that he will create new systems to advance an open economy capable of building a business environment for companies based on international law.

“There are reasons to worry that the world economy could go into crisis. At this critical crossroads, the only way to avoid an economic crisis is to overcome difficulties together and seek cooperation,” said the head of state of the Asian country.

The BRICS is an economic-commercial association between the five most important emerging economies in the world, founded in 2009 with the aim of promoting a new international financial order.

More than three billion people live in the nations that comprise it; a quarter of the global Gross Domestic Product is formed as a whole; and 20 percent of trade; in addition to about 25 percent of direct investments; while the total of its international reserves represent around 35 percent of the world.

In this XIV edition of the Summit of Heads of State and Government of the Brics, the Argentine dignitary Alberto Fernández participates as a guest.

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