Xantolo begins with masked dances

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XALAPA.- With the beginning of the Day of the Dead celebrations, the Xantolo also begins: groups of masked dancers go out to walk the streets in the neighborhoods of the Huasteca Veracruzana, to pay tribute to their loved ones.

Yesterday, October 31, the dancers came out to pay tribute to the little souls, the deceased babies and children, whom they receive with great affection.

Xantolo (Tenek word derived from the Latin Santorum) is celebrated until November 2 and is a tradition in the northern municipalities of Veracruz. One of the dances is The Old Lady in which they seek to protect the souls that come down to earth so that the devil does not find them.

Since September, the groups have been rehearsing the dance and choosing their costumes and masks.

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On the so-called Big Days, the squares become very colorful, with many flowers and all the elements that we use during these holidays. The smells and food that accompany Xantolo,” explains doctor in anthropology Nelly Iveth Del Ángel Flores.

Returning to the research of the late researcher Román Güemes, the academic explains that in addition to dedicating an initial day to children and people who transcended without having married, small altars are made in which they receive the innocent souls, the dead children.

The Xantolo is governed by the cornfield, from June 24, Saint John's Day, they begin to sow the marigold flowers that will be used to decorate the altars; in addition to the planting of goat beans, which is the ingredient for the main dish of this ceremonial event.

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