Writers respond to OpenAI; the company says that ChatGPT does not plagiarize its books

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The 17 authors who are suing the artificial intelligence company OpenAI, among whom is the creator of Game of Thrones, George RR Martín, attacked again in a federal court in California, after the company argued that ChatGPT does not violate copyright so part of the case should be dismissed.

The writers said in Wednesday's court filing that Microsoft-backed OpenAI violated U.S. law by plagiarizing their works to train an artificial intelligence system that will "substitute for the very writings it copied."

"OpenAI is clearly demonstrating its intention to unilaterally rewrite US copyright law in its favor, starting now," the authors said.

OpenAI representatives did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the motion on Thursday. Joseph Saveri, a lawyer for the writers, said they were "confident that our claims will be sustained."

Authors against AI

Copyright owners (especially writers and publishers) have recently denounced technology companies such as Meta Platforms, Stability AI and OpenAI for the use of their work to “train” their generative artificial intelligence software.

This summer, two groups of authors filed class-action lawsuits against OpenAI for using their books to train its ChatGPT language model to respond to human text messages.

Another group of writers, including John Grisham and George RR Martin, filed another lawsuit against the company in New York earlier this month.

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In response to the demands, in August OpenAI asked court to dismiss part of California lawsuitsclaiming that the text ChatGPT creates does not violate copyright.

He also denied the authors' main allegation that using their books to train ChatGPT infringes their copyright, but did not ask the court to dismiss the lawsuits on that basis.

Yesterday, the writers reiterated their argument that the Grand Language Model and its creations are "derivative works" of their books that infringe their copyright.

They also noted that the artificial intelligence company's argument that ChatGPT's output is not relatively similar to its work to infringe its rights was "flatly wrong".

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They stated that OpenAI's interpretation of fair use is "contrary to established precedent" and would "swallow whole" the US copyright system.

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