Wounded Palestinians and foreigners escape war

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RAFA.— A total of 76 wounded people passed through the Rafah gate in southern Gaza in ambulances to escape to Egypt after the escalation of the conflict between Hamas and Israel, as well as 335 people with foreign passports, an Egyptian official reported.

The Italian Foreign Ministry reported that "this group is largely made up of international citizens, as well as people with dual citizenship and Palestinians in serious health conditions, who will be treated in Egyptian hospitals," Italian diplomacy said in a statement. .

To date, the pass had only been open on several specific occasions to allow the entry of convoys with humanitarian aid.

The current agreement was brokered by Qatar, in coordination with the United States, for a pact between Egypt, Israel and Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip.

In this regard, the president of the United States, Joe Biden, expressed that his government was key in the humanitarian step opened towards Egypt.

Today, thanks to American leadership, we have ensured safe passage for wounded Palestinians and foreign citizens to leave Gaza,” Biden said in X.

And he added: “We hope that American citizens will leave today and that more will leave in the coming days.”

The head of the UN Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA) stated on Wednesday in the Gaza Strip that his teams will remain “with the Palestinians” in this territory despite the war between Hamas and Israel.

My firm message, my clear message to all the staff and the inhabitants of Gaza is that UNRWA will remain with the Palestinian refugees and with the Palestinians here in Gaza,” declared the commissioner of that United Nations agency, Philippe Lazzarini.

For his part, Israel's Foreign Minister, Eli Cohen, asked the president of the Red Cross (ICRC), Mirjana Spoljaric, for the aid institution to "immediately" visit the hostages held captive by Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

“I told him that if the Red Cross does not visit the hostages held by the terrorist organization Hamas, it has no reason to exist,” he said, arguing that the captives require treatment.


President Andrés Manuel López Obrador reported that a Mexican citizen trapped in the Gaza Strip due to the conflict between Hamas and Israel managed to leave the war zone.

This is Michelle Rabel, who has collaborated in the Palestinian enclave with the humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders.

The head of the federal Executive indicated that the compatriot is already traveling to Egypt, to safeguard herself, according to information he received in a note from Foreign Minister Alicia Bárcena.

In addition to the aforementioned, three compatriots remain in the Strip: the anesthetist Bárbara Lango and two Hamas hostages, Ilana Gritzewsky and Orión Hernández.

Meanwhile, regarding Bárbara, her father, doctor Porfirio Lango Obregón pointed out that she and her husband are on the lists provided by Mexican diplomacy to leave the Gaza Strip.

Fortunately they are still alive, which is a triumph due to the great violence. She and her husband are on the lists to be evacuated, lists provided by Mexican diplomacy, the government of Egypt, the government of Israel and the UN. However, the evacuation will be in stages, first they are letting the injured and sick people out, then they will let the people out with the humanitarian organizations and in the end it will be the foreigners,” she said in an interview for the First broadcast from Imagen Radio with Pascal Beltrán del Río.

At the United Nations, Mexico made a new call for the immediate cessation of hostilities in all occupied Palestinian territories by Israel, while demanding that Hamas immediately and unconditionally release the hostages in its custody, among whom were They find two Mexican nationals.

Likewise, he reiterated the need to establish a humanitarian corridor and to lift the state of siege in which the Palestinian population currently finds itself, "taking into account that reprisals are contrary to international law," warned Ambassador Alicia Buenrostro, Chargé d'Affaires. in the Permanent Representation of Mexico before the multilateral organization.

When the 10th special emergency session of the UN General Assembly resumed on October 26, the Mexican diplomat described the use of the veto to prevent action by the Security Council as unacceptable, given the seriousness and fragility of the situation.

With information from Enrique Sánchez

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