World Cup 2026 Azteca Stadium will have inauguration ceremony

World Cup 2026: Azteca Stadium will have inauguration ceremony

Mexico.-The 2022 World Cup in Qatar has started one day and they have already announced that for the 2026 World Cup they plan for the Azteca Stadium to have an opening ceremony.

There are four years to go before the start of the 2026 World Cup in Mexico, the United States and Canada, however, they have already made it official that the Azteca Stadium will have another opening ceremony.

Victor Montagliani, Concacaf President and FIFA Council Memberwas in charge of announcing that Mexico will have an opening ceremony at the 2026 World Cup.

“The sure thing is that we have three openings, not just one”, said the Canadian executive and explained that it will be “one in the United States, one in Canada and one in Mexico”, declared Montagliani during his stay in Qatar.

Victor Montagliani thinks that the 2026 World Cup will not only benefit the countries that will host it, this brings advantages for the entire Concacaf area.

“As I have said before, it is a great opportunity for the area, not only for the three countries that will carry it out, but for everyone, this World Cup is a great opportunity“, I consider.

Regarding the stadiums that will host the matches in the 2026 World Cup, Montagliani referred to the Azteca stadium, which is one of the main buildings in this candidacy as it is his third World Cup.

For this reason, in the coming months it will be remodeled and the Concacaf president said that it will not be the only one that will be worked on.

“Not only in the Azteca, we are working hard in all the stadiums,” he said.

Victor Montagliani, concacaf presidentHe was also questioned about the opportunity that the teams of this confederation will have to attend the Copa América held by Conmebol, but he defended the local tournament.

“We know that the Copa América is a great cup, but we have a Gold Cup which is very important, important for the members,” he said.

The main reason to rule out that the Mexican National Team or any other Concacaf squad can compete against the South American National Teams is time.

“It will be something that will not be easy because the calendar is full, it will be complicated, we have goodwill with everyone and we are always talking to everyone,” said the manager.

By Abraham Guerrero


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