World Classic: Cuba denounces Miami authorities for “attacks” on their team

He Cuban government accused this Wednesday the authorities of Miami of “complicity”, by “allowing” the “attacks” against the national team of the Caribbean country during the match against USA in it World Baseball Classic.

During the game last Sunday at the stadium Loan Depot Park of Miami “there were unfortunate and dangerous incidents against the Cuban team“, denounced in a statement the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Relations (Minrex).

The Ministry denounces the complicity shown by the local authorities, who allowed and created the conditions for these acts to take place, openly and with impunity.

The Minrex statement pointed out the “direct attacks, threatsuse of offensive and vulgar language, injurious attacks to the morale of the Cuban team and other incidents aimed at undermining the morale of the athletes and spoil the show“.

In the match, in which the team of Cuba lost 14-2 against the USA, incidents followed one another, some of a violent nature. Most of them had as protagonists the Cuban and Cuban-American community settled in Miami and had a political background.

Some spectators rebuked the Cuban players aggressively and others came to throwing objects at the relatives of Cuban baseball players. Two people jumped onto the field with signs demanding the freedom of political prisoners in Cuba.

There were other political allusions in the stands, but of a peaceful nature. Many spectators wore T-shirts with the slogan “Homeland and Life”linked to the opposition, and displayed posters against the Cuban government.

He minrex described these violent actions as “vile and organized aggression” with “the clear purpose of destabilize” the players of your team.

Objects were thrown at the players and their relatives, among whom were women, children and the elderly, as well as at members of the delegation and representatives of the Cuban press, and also at spectators who supported the Cuban team.

The document adds that “they were constantly posters with political slogansobscene and vulgar language, disrespectful towards athletes and the general public, which interfered with the enjoyment of the game”.

The Cuban government now indicated that it “alerted the United States government in sufficient time, through diplomatic channels, about the public and open threats” against the Cuban team.

He also told US authorities about “the corrupt and irresponsible trajectory of the authorities of that city.”

The Minrex, however, did not at any time question the result of the match. Despite the massive defeat, it is the best result of the insular team in this competition in the last 17 years.

(With information from EFE)