World Bisexuality Day; why is it celebrated?


This Friday, September 23, the International Day of Bisexuality is celebrated, a sexual orientation that corresponds to people who feel attracted to both the same sex and the opposite sex.

The bisexuality stands out with the letter “B” across the spectrum of the lesbian, gay, transgender, transsexual, transvestite, intersex, and queer (LGBTTTIQ+), the symbol (+) is also added to the group to group all other gender-sex identities little known as non-binary or drag queen.


The International Bisexuality Day has been commemorated since 1999 but it is important to point out that since the early 1980s various organizations have emerged in defense of LGBT+ rights and in response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic that mainly affected people of sexual diversity.

Among the most notorious groups in the United States is the North American Bisexual Network in Formation and that in 1991 it changed its name to the United States Bisexual Network (BiNet).


That is why it took a few years for a group of bisexual activists made up of Wendy Curry, Gigi Raven and Michael Page, decided to proclaim on September 23 to make this sexual orientation visible and end the prejudices that exist around it.

Likewise, it chose September because it commemorates the birth of singer Freddie Mercuryan openly gay artist who died of AIDS-defining illnesses and was greatly admired by the three activists who fought to make bisexuality visible.

It should be noted that the United Nations Organization (UN) emphasizes this date to remember that the existence of bisexual people is constantly questioned and they face disparities in health care due to the lack of information that exists in prevention as well as sexual care.

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