Workers of the Judicial Branch of the Federation collapsed several avenues in CDMX

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In previous days, members of the Union of Workers of the Judicial Branch of the Federation reported that they would do several mobilizations this October 16 of the current year.

At exactly eight in the morning, the first strike labors and blocking roads was the building of the Judicial Branch of the Federation located on Sidar y Ruvirosa and Eduardo Molina streets, where more than 80 workers were concentrated.

As the minutes The other buildings that make up the Judicial Branch of the Federation were added.

Blocked avenues:

  • Insurgentes Sur and Av de la Paz in the San Ángel area, Álvaro Obregón mayor's office, federal workers closed the road the passage of the Metrobús on the line being affected.

Another of the points with greatest conflict vehicular It was the Periférico Poniente, in the section between Altavista and Las Flores, there are two PJF properties, this caused the peripheral to be blocked in both circulations.

The street of Reform outside the courts of the Judicial Branch of the Federation in the Oriente Prison also resulted in a blockade, likewise outside the property located in the South prison on the street of Camino Antiguo a Santiago and Martinez de Castro in Xochimilco, in the same way it was closed the road.

Bucareli Avenue in the center of Mexico City was blocked by 40 members of the PJF Workers Union.

Iztapalapa He was not saved and also had complications on Reforma Avenue number 80 in the Lomas de San Lorenzo Housing Unit, which was also blocked.

The Picacho Ajusco highway in Tlalpan also suffered the collapse of the road after the protest of the workers of the Judicial Branch of the Federation.

The 8 money launderings unhinged the City in terms of mobility In some of them there was a police presence that only remained at a distance.

It was in the afternoon that the closures of roads and the mobilizations of the members of the Union of Workers of the Judicial Branch of the Federation, indicated that if there is no favorable response to their demands on the issue of budget cuts, they will carry out more blockades again but now at the national level.


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