Workers found a 3-meter crocodile in the Tamaulipas aqueduct

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An unusual discovery occurred over the weekend in a water plant at the Vicente Guerrero dam that connects with the municipality of Victoria; Workers repairing a clogged flow came face to face with a crocodile hiding in the facility.

The “failure” that the workers were addressing had left 70 percent of the city without drinking water. Weeks ago, various works had been carried out on the dam, causing some neighborhoods to have a lack of supply for 9 days, which caused complaints and anger among the population at the lack of hygiene and consumption of liquid for just over 350 thousand people. .

The surprise of the workers was great when they discovered that the damage It was actually a huge crocodile, 3 meters long and weighing 200 kilos. Civil Protection personnel went down to a depth of 20 meters to remove him. He was later released away from water sources.

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The investigation by the responsible authorities showed that the animal would have been trapped on Wednesday November 1st after they installed the gates of the pumping station.

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Authorities from the Municipal Drinking Water and Sewage Commission revealed that the rescue was carried out on Sunday when personnel came to carry out a leak repair.

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