WOOW will participate in the Good End with insurance promotions

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Mexico.- WOOW, the first Marketplace in Mexico for insurance and services, will join the offer of Good End promotions, to be held from November 18 to 21, with an event called WOOW ¡QUE BUEN FIN!.

Thus, it will offer opportunities among a portfolio of more than 90 products, including auto insurance, hospital medical expenses, gadgets, cell phone protection, and domestic pets (dogs and cats), among others, to protect your goods from any mobile device.

“Since we entered the market, we have tried to change the perception of that segment of the population that has the false belief that taking out insurance is expensive and tedious. For this weekend we have designed a list of promotions that we hope will be attractive to the consumer”, commented Margarita Zepeda Porraz, CEO and Founder of the platform.

Likewise, they will offer a 15% discount on hiring Auto Insurance with CRABI, an insurer with which they have just announced an alliance, with the option of 12 months without interest with participating cards. The particularity of this insurance is that it is tailored to the coverage that only the user needs.

It should be noted that this is not the only option to insure the car from the comfort of your cell phone, since the policies that they handle with Chubb, GNP and HDI will have a 25, 15 and 5 percent discount respectively, also with the option to pay it to months without interest with the participating cards.

The WOOW membership will also have a special price and the interesting thing is that with this benefit the user has road, home and health assistance such as services of an electrician, plumbing, locksmith, glass, crane, teleconsultations, among others, with qualified personnel 365 days and at any time.

This platform, which has established itself as one of the safest and with the best mechanisms to counter crimes such as fraud and data theft through E-commerce, has agreements with GNP, Quálitas, HDI, CHUBB, ANA Seguros, Crabi and GMX to mention a few, but you also have the option of acquiring telephone plans.

To guarantee this shielding, WOOW agreed a collaboration agreement in recent months with PayPal, which makes it the first insurtech backed by the leading company in payment methods and with which users have the option of carrying out transactions with maximum security. .


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