Women's World Cup 2023: Brazil summons the scorers Marta and Debinha | Video

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The front ones Martha, six times elected the best soccer player in the world by FIFA, and Debinha, third highest scorer of the Canarinha, were included this Tuesday in the list of 23 summoned by Brazil for him Women's World Cup Australia and New Zealand 2023, scheduled from July 20 to August 20.

The list was announced by the Brazilian coach, the Swedish Pia Sundhagetwo-time Olympic champion, at a crowded press conference at the headquarters of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF).

So much debinha (Kansas City Current/USA) as Martha (Orlando Pride/USA) They return to the Brazilian teamafter having missed the last calls due to injury.

Both are among the top three scorers in Brazil: Marta, with 119 goals, the absent Cristiane (83) and Debinha (57).

The squad list includes three players who play in the Spanish Madrid CFF: the defenses Lauren and Monica Hickman, as well as the front Gabi Nunes.

The defenses were also summoned from the Spanish league Antonia (Lift) and kathellen (Real Madrid) and the forward Geyse (Barcelona).

After highlighting the extensive renewal of the South American team, Sundhage stated:

We've tested 90 players in recent months and I'm very encouraged because almost half of those called up have never played in a World Cup and they are new players who will gain a lot of experience.

The selector stated that Martha, with 17 goals in 19 World Cup matches, It will be the great reference for the youth.

The great absentees on the list, both due to injury, are the attacker Lyudmila, Atlético de Madrid player, and the goalkeeper Lorraine, of the Guild.

Angelinawho for eleven months has been recovering from a ligament injury, He aspired to play his last World Cup, but she was only included in a list of three players who could be called up at the last minute in case of injury.

The players will play a friendly against Chili in which they will say goodbye to the Brazilian fans before traveling to Brisbane (Australia) on Monday.

Part of the team has been preparing for the World Cup since June 19 at the high-performance training center that the Canarinha has in the city of Teresópolis.

In the world Cup, Brazil was drawn in Group F along with France, Jamaica and Panama.

Despite being considered one of the favorites and having some of the most renowned soccer players in the world, The Brazilian women's team has so far not achieved any relevant international title, and the goal of the CBF is to reach at least the semifinals of the World Cup.

This is the list of summoned by the Swedish coach Pia Sundhage to La Canarinha:

Letícia Izidoro (Corinthians)
Barbara (Flamengo)
Camila Rodrigues (Santos)

Antonia (Levante/ESP)
Bruninha (Gotham FC/USA)
Tamires (Corinthians)
Kathellen (Real Madrid/ESP)
Lauren (Madrid CFF/ESP)
Monica Hickman (Madrid CFF/ESP)
Rafaelle (Arsenal)

Adriana (Orlando Pride/US)
Ary Borges (Racing Louisville/USA)
Doubt Sampaio (Corinthians)
Andressa Alves (Rome/ITA)
Luana (Corinthians)
Ana Vitoria (Benfica/POR)

Bia Zaneratto (Palmeiras)
Debinha (Kansas City Current/USA)
Geyse (Barcelona/ESP)
Kerolin (North Carolina Courage/USA)
Nicole (Benfica/POR)
Gabi Nunes (Madrid CFF/ESP)
Marta (Orlando Pride/USA)

(With information from EFE)

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