Women with Wellbeing in Edomex: pre-registration, registration, how to do it

Women with Wellbeing in Edomex: pre registration, registration, how to do
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Since Monday, November 20, the long-awaited comprehensive Women with Wellbeing program in the State of Mexico has started officially its pre-registration phase. This initiative, led by Governor Delfina GĂłmez, seeks to provide economic support to women residents of the state, replacing the previous "Pink salary" program that was in force during the administration of Alfredo del Mazo.

With the start of its operations, it is essential to know the steps to register and the requirements to be a beneficiary.

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How to register?

The Government of the State of Mexico has established a clear process for registration in Mujeres con Bienestar. Below are the steps you must follow:

Online pre-registration

Access the official page of the Secretary of Welfare of the State of Mexico. When the pre-registration option is available, the site will generate a folio number for each applicantfacilitating the monitoring of the process.

In-Person Registration in Modules

Those who prefer to register in person They will be able to do so in the modules designated by the Ministry of Welfare. The pre-registration folio number must be presented and meet the established requirements.

Meet the Requirements

The documents necessary to pre-register are:

  • Birth certificate in original and copy.
  • Valid official identification, such as a voting card or, in its absence, a passport or other documents authorized by the authority.
  • Unique Population Registry Code (CURP).
  • Proof of address (with a maximum of 6 months old) or proof of residence from the local authority.
  • Single Welfare Form duly completed.

Selection criteria

It is essential to meet certain criteria to be eligible:

  • Mexican nationality by birth or naturalization.
  • Residing in the State of Mexico.
  • Be between 18 and 64 years of age.
  • Present a condition of poverty.
  • Lack access to social security.

When to register?

Although Mujeres con Bienestar aims to help those facing financial difficulties, it is crucial to register on the correct date to guarantee a spot. The pre-registration window will be open for a limited time, and the deadline is November 26. This period also marks the closing of the Bienestar Edomex virtual window.

How to access the portal?

The Mujeres con Bienestar portal is now enabled, but keep in mind that due to high demand, it may experience intermittencies and take time to load. Despite these potential difficulties, patience is key. Once inside, the portal presents three options:

  • A. Submit my application to be a beneficiary of the program
  • B. I already have my card in my hand and I want to activate it
  • C. My card is already active and I want to check my balance and transactions

Remember: Pre-registration has begun, and the deadline is November 26. In this initial phase, you are applying for registration. Once your application is approved, the Mujeres con Bienestar authorities will announce the next steps in the registration process.

Additional Information

If you have any concerns or questions related to your request, The telephone number for Mujeres con Bienestar is 55 9370 1223. This channel is available to provide assistance and guidance to women seeking to access this economic support program in the State of Mexico.

Mujeres con Bienestar 2023 marks a significant milestone in the social initiatives of the State of Mexico, offering bimonthly economic support of 2,500 pesos, with the intention of improving the living conditions of women in situations of economic vulnerability.

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