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During the XVII Congress of the Women’s International Democratic Federation (FDIM), the delegates debated the necessary strategies to expand peace and gender equality worldwide.


The International Congress of Women is inaugurated in Venezuela

This Wednesday, the event included women from 24 Venezuelan states and five continents in the debate in order to guarantee the diversity of points of view and contexts, according to the Minister of Women and Gender Equality, Diva Guzmán.

“We were able to participate, we listened to the debates, the proposals, on issues about the role of women in the pandemic, for example, on inequality, on health issues, of LGBTIQ+ groups, discussed in full swing,” explained the head of said portfolio.

Among the issues discussed were equal pay, social and reproductive rights, and the consequences of armed conflicts for women.

The minister referred to the importance of recognizing laws against violence in countries that have not yet established them, and the need to carry them out in nations that have stipulated them.

“The delegations from the five continents gathered at the XVII Congress of the FDIM approve a resolution of solidarity with African women who are victims of conflicts and the actions of terrorist groups,” said the FDIM on its twitter account.

A declaration of solidarity with the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean was also made, as part of a conclave that promotes the exchange of knowledge and experiences on how gender equality is lived in the country.

For her part, the president of the FDIM, a national of El Salvador, Lorena Peña, declared that “Venezuela is today one of the few countries in the world that gives confidence and security to women, its visitors and its people.” .

“Our laws inspire you and you have told us that in Venezuela we have achieved things that you have not yet conquered in your countries,” Minister Diva Guzmán also said.

The conclave was an opportune space to support the fight against imperialism and its harassment of certain nations.

One of the core requests of the meeting was the request for the dissolution of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the promotion of international peace.

The Congress meets at the Hotel Meliá Caracas, in the country’s capital, until April 30 and has as its motto “Women unity against inequalities and violence. For peace and the health of the planet.”

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