Woman was traveling from Nicaragua to Miami and gave birth mid-flight; Doubts arise about the baby's nationality

The pilot decided to make an emergency landing at the Cancun International Airport in Mexico.

Photo: DANIEL MUÑOZ / AFP / Getty Images

What a surprise for the passengers of the TA450 flight operated by the Avianca A320-200 plane, which was traveling from Managua, Nicaragua, to Miami, Florida, as a woman went into labor when the aircraft flew through the sky and her baby was born approximately halfway, so the pilot decided to make an emergency landing at the Cancun International Airport in Mexico.

According to the Mexican newspaper Milenio, Some doctors were traveling on board the Airbus 320 plane, who helped the woman give birth to her baby, a girl who, despite being born in an unusual place, came into the world without complications. Given the peculiar situation, some of the passengers captured the moment on video.

Images were disseminated on social networks showing how the new mother is taken out in a wheelchair while the baby is carried by a paramedic. As they move through the plane to get off it, people clap and congratulate her, someone is heard saying "Congratulations, God bless you."

Milenio also reported that the representatives of the Health Services informed them that both the woman and the newborn are well. Both receive medical attention at the General Hospital of Cancun.

As in cases of viral news, the birth of a baby on board an airplane generated many comments and doubts, some related to why the pregnant woman was allowed to board if she was about to give birth. Other questions revolved around the nationality that the newborn will have upon having arrived in the world in such peculiar conditions.

As revealed by Infobae, most airlines are governed by what is established in the medical manual of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), which recommends that pregnant women not travel by plane from the 36th week of gestation and from of the 32 in case in a multiple pregnancy.

In case a woman needs to travel after the recommended period, she can do it with some airlines, with a medical certificate.

Regarding nationality, the Aristegui Noticias site reports that Article 30 of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States indicates that Mexican nationality is acquired by birth or naturalization to persons who are born aboard Mexican vessels as well as aircraft, be war or merchant.

When a baby is born on board an airplane, its nationality will be that of the airspace where the aircraft is located.. If the country recognizes the “land right”, the baby will have the nationality of that territory.

However, the “right of blood” also determines the nationality of a baby born during a flightwhich could result in the minor having more than one nationality, that of the country in which he was born and that of his parents.

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