Woman killed her newborn baby and threw it in a trash can

It all started when a man found the baby’s body in a dumpster.

Photo: BEN STANSALL/Getty Images

A fact that caused shock in the world was raised in Russia. A woman is accused of murdering her newborn baby and later leaving the body in a dump.

The authorities detained her and she is currently facing trial after being arrested on September 21. It all started when a man found the baby’s body in a dumpster.so he called the police who in turn verified the scene and later found the suspect.

The Lublin Interdistrict Investigation Department announced that they are investigating the case as “murder by the mother of a newborn child.”

This case is not new, since three years ago a woman who was at a party and drinking, gave birth to a baby and threw it in the garbage, to then continue with the celebration during the night. The newborn was found alive after a person heard his cries which he mistook for those of an animal animal, but upon noticing the scene he was stunned to find the child.

According to what the authorities said, Yulia, 31, was arrested and her other two children, aged three and four, were taken into her custody and according to what she said in her statement, she did not tell anyone that she had given birth.

Two similar cases occurred in the United States and Colombia, where women gave birth to their respective babies and later abandoned them. In both the mothers were put behind bars.

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