Woman is saved from being kidnapped on her birthday (VIDEO)

This experience is not new, since it is common for TikTok to tell these kinds of stories that go around the world.

Photo: THOMAS SAMSON/Getty Images

Following the trend of telling the strangest, most unusual and dangerous things on TikTok, a woman from Spain told in her video which she titled as ‘the day I was almost a victim of human trafficking’ how she was about to be kidnapped.

And it is that the user narrated that on her birthday she could be a victim of human trafficking, however, her intuition and suspicions led her to be alert. “Nobody dies on their birthday and it’s mine, so nothing bad is going to happen to me”, he expressed.

It all started when the woman took a car to go from Valencia to Barcelona, ​​but discovered that the photo of the driver did not match that of the man who was behind the wheel. She pointed out that everything began to look suspicious when she and another woman with whom she shared the trip realized that there was no way to get out of the car, so they requested a stop..

The driver agreed, so she did not return; she, however, regrets that the other female got back into the vehicle, since Subsequently, an attempt was made to communicate with her, but she never responded..

This experience is not new, since it is usual that in TikTok These kinds of stories are told that go around the world and go viral on social networks, especially this one that started as a birthday trip and was about to have a tragic ending.

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