Woman is caught at the airport carrying her boyfriend's ashes in a sex toy

Sarah Button was caught going through airport security with her dead boyfriend's ashes

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There are people who can take a promise of love to the extreme, such is the case of a young student who was surprised while she was trying to travel with her boyfriend's ashes stuffed into a sex toy.

That is the story of Sarah Button, an Australian law student who was surprised going through security from an airport with her dead boyfriend's ashes hidden in a sex toy.

The 23-year-old was about to board a flight in the United Arab Emirates while he was wearing a sex toy in the behind with the ashes of her late lover when the security officials set off the alarms.

“They took me and my friend to the side without much explanation,” Sarah said in a video from tik tok that has gone viral, adding that she was forced to call her father for help from the Australian embassy.

Button explained, in the video that already has millions of views, that her late boyfriend gave her the toy sexual as a gag gift before you die.

"The intention was originally a joke because he had spent a lot of time there and it was his favorite place,” he said. "Honestly, it's the most fun he's ever had, I'll spend my whole life laughing about it, that it really is better than crying.”

And he added: “I also like being able to take it with me To places we've only dreamed of going."

The officers took the matter very seriously.

But airport security officers, who might have assumed the device was a weapon, were taken seriously the case

“I explained what it was, but there was a female worker within conversational range, which led to some back and forth between us, and the male staff they did not like the vulgarity that he was using to explain it," Button said.

“An hour later an important official came and made us sign a foreign document super long and told us that if we left the airport gates we would go to jail”, added the young student.

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