Woman causes controversy by revealing that she does her daughters' schoolwork

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A mother of three has sparked a heated debate online after admitting that she completes her daughters' homework when they are "too busy" to do it themselves. Charlotte Weaver, originally from Las Vegas (Nevada, United States, has two daughters who attend grades 3 and 5. Her confession about helping with homework has generated controversy about the limits of parental involvement in school responsibilities of their children.

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According to Lottie, the added pressure to complete assignments is "not worth it," especially when your daughters are involved in extracurricular activities such as cheerleading and sports, which leaves them exhausted when they return home.

"I'll help do my kids' homework with them. I know all parents help, but if my daughters are busy or if they're in a hurry, or whatever, I'm going to do it because I'm not going to make them stress over homework problems." mathematics for those who do not have time to solve. I will do it, it may not be right, but I will help," he expressed.

This statement has divided hundreds of parents onlinesome criticize Lottie's "cuddly" approach, while others find it acceptable and even enviable. Lottie explained that time pressure and the difficulty of some school projects are the reasons she offers help to her daughters. "Some of these projects are assigned by teachers... I mean, the kids are seven years old," she defended.

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ANDThe debate has focused on whether parents should do their children's homework, with mixed opinions among parents. Some applaud Lottie's attitude, seeing it as a way to ease the burden on children, allowing them to enjoy their time after school. Other parents, However, they argue that this practice does not help in the long term and can harm the development of work ethic and children's study skills.

Some parents shared their own experiences, noting that a lack of homework can negatively affect children's academic performance in later stages of their education. Others expressed their desire to keep their homes free of homework, arguing that children already spend many hours at school and need time to rest and relax at home.

The controversy continues while Parents debate appropriate limits on homework helpquestioning how much participation is beneficial for children's development and how much responsibility they should take on themselves.


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