Woman beats her son because... the boy 'insisted' on going to play

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In a video that has angered social media users, a 29-year-old woman was captured savagely beating his sona boy just 3 years old.

The woman is Yulia Storozhuk, a resident of Florida, United States, who is seen in the video first scolding the child, then moments later violently pushing him to the ground, where the child remains while his mother begins to yell at him.

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After a small cut, Storozhuk can be seen trying to move the child and, unable to do so, begins to kick him.

As far as can be seen in the recording, The child received at least four kicks from his mother, as well as another strong push.

Users of X, formerly Twitter, have commented that what the mother does is “beat up” her son.

Its the first time

The video was spread by a neighbor of Yulia Storozhuk, who He observed the beating that the child was receiving and alerted the police. It was also he who gave them the video from the camera at the scene as evidence.

This neighbor who called us about this incident may not know that he saved this child's life. Nobody knows what could have happened to this child if this person does not file a report,” said the Sunny Isles police spokeswoman.

After conducting a physical examination, the police noted that the three-year-old boy had bruises on his cheek and forehead, on his arm and on his knee, all resulting from the numerous blows he received.

In her opening statement Yulia Storozhuk explained that He hit his son because he insisted that he take him to play and upon receiving a refusal he behaved in a "difficult" manner.

Yulia defended herself by arguing that this was the first time she had behaved violently with her son. In addition, she said that she was in Florida escaping the war in Ukraine.

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The police imposed a bail of $5,000 on the mother, who already faces a charge of child abuse.

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