Without shame! They show a food vendor urinating at his stall while cooking

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A video circulates on social networks where it is observed a street vendor urinating at his workplace while you are preparing street food.

The images show the moment in which the man takes advantage of the customers' carelessness to toilet using a standing urination container.

The video has caused annoyance and disgust, since the events occurred at a food stand minutes before the subject manipulated the ingredients to prepare the food he sold on the street.

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Internet users were disgusted to see that the man realizes that he is being recorded and all he does is try to conceal what he is doing so that he is not reported.

The man placed his waste in a jar inside his cart and He pretended that nothing had happened.

The video already has more than 32 thousand views and it was shared by a Colombian politician through X, where it quickly went viral.

“I haven't eaten in those street stalls for years”, “I never buy food on the street, one night I saw a guy urinating, he passed by the street and he continued preparing the pizza dough”, These are some of the comments read in the video.

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It is unknown if the person who appears in the video is from Colombia or if he continues to sell on public roads after the images were released showing that he works in unhealthy conditions.

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