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What is the difference between a lawyer and a lawyer?

A. In general the difference is that a law graduate is like a lawyer, but without a license.

A law graduate is a professional who has studied law and has a deep understanding of the law. However, he is not licensed to practice the profession, which means he cannot represent clients in court.

A lawyer, on the other hand, is a law graduate who has passed the bar exam and is licensed to practice the profession. This gives him the right to represent clients in court and to provide legal advice.

In Mexico, the difference between being a law graduate and being a lawyer lies mainly in the way in which the profession is practiced. The Law graduate is one who has completed his studies in Law, therefore, all graduates are Law graduates, while a lawyer is a Law graduate who practices litigation or law, that is, the defense or representation of others before the Judicial Courts.


Proportionally, which is the strongest living thing, including insects and sea inhabitants?

A. The strongest living being in proportion is the ant. Ants can lift up to 50 times their own weight, which is more than any other animal on Earth. For example, a 50-gram ant could lift a weight of 2.5 kilograms. This is because ants have a very high ratio of muscle mass to body weight.

Here are other proportionally strong animals:

The mantis shrimp can hit with the force of a .22 caliber bullet.

The Goliath beetle can lift up to 850 times its own weight.

The coconut crab can lift up to three thousand times its own weight.

The European rabbit can jump up to 10 times its own height.

The common house spider can catch prey up to 100 times its own size.


Is it still customary today for women to take their husband's surname when they get married?

A. Traditionally, it has been common for Mexican women to adopt their husband's surname when marrying. This reflects more traditional gender roles. They are not legally required to change their name, but many do so out of habit.

In recent decades, with evolving gender norms, more women are choosing to keep their maiden name, use both surnames joined by a hyphen, or use their husband's name only socially. This trend is more common among urban and educated women.

However, in rural and traditional communities, taking the husband's surname remains a strong social norm that reflects appropriate gender roles. But this is gradually changing.

In general, adopting the husband's surname remains a common practice but not universal as before. More women are affirming their independence and equality in this decision and even creating a surname composed of their own and their husband's.

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