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What is the oldest animal still swimming in the oceans?

A. This peculiarity belongs to sharks, which are one of the oldest species in the oceans due to their early evolution, effective adaptation, low reproduction rate and their role as top predators in marine ecosystems.

From our point of view as humans, who have entered the seas, we have always been victims of the shark. But, do not forget that humans kill tens of millions of sharks each year, mainly due to the demand for shark fins and bycatch in fisheries. This against 10 to 15 people who are attacked by sharks, per year.

The balance is still in our favor, I think.


Don Alfredo, I send you this request asking that you keep me anonymous. I suffer from a lack of control over my anger, which quickly escalates into rage and I take it out on my loved ones. After a while I realize my wrong, but I already did it. Give me some recommendations other than going to a professional for help.

R. Anonymous Don, you have already taken the first step and it may be the most important: recognize that you have a problem and seek to solve it. Here I share some suggestions on what you can do and what you shouldn't do.

Things to do:

Self-awareness: Recognizing your triggers and physical signs of anger. Knowing how you feel is the first step to controlling it.

Relaxation: Practice techniques such as deep breathing or muscle relaxation to stay calm during times of tension.

Distance: Physically distance yourself from the problem for a few minutes. I assure you that the anger will change.

Things you should not do:

Don't repress: Ignoring anger can be harmful. Find healthy ways to express and process it.

Avoid aggression: Shouting or acting violently only makes things worse. Find ways to communicate without confrontation.

Remember, anger is normal, but managing it well is key to your well-being and relationships. The change is in you; In general, most anger is about trivial matters that after five minutes do not have any major impact.


Hasn't it happened to you that sometimes cilantro tastes like soap?

A. Ah, the enigma of cilantro! Yes, for some people cilantro has a soapy taste and this is partly due to genes. Some people have a genetic variant that causes them to perceive certain compounds in cilantro, called aldehydes, as if they were soap. It is a peculiar culinary experience, but without consequences.

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