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If a fly gets into my drink, milk, water, soda, etc., should I throw it away or is just removing the fly enough?

A. If a fly lands in your drink, it's best to throw it away, regardless of whether it's milk, soda, or water. Flies can carry bacteria that can cause illness, so it is important to avoid consuming any drink that a fly has been in.

If you are drinking water and a fly lands in it briefly, you can try removing it and continue drinking. However, if the fly has been in the water for a longer period of time or if you are drinking a large amount of water, it is best to throw it away.

In general, prevention is better than cure. If a fly lands in your drink, it is best to throw it away and avoid any risk.


Is it true that if I put sugar in a car's gas tank, the engine will spoil?

A. It's a myth. I share that, to begin with, the engine has a filter that prevents the passage of residue or impurities into the tank in some way. So if there were small sugar crystals in the gasoline, the filter would stop them before they could damage the engine.

Then there's the fact that sugar doesn't dissolve in gasoline; It just sinks to the bottom of the gas tank. Even if you have less than a full tank and someone pours sugar in there, the liquid can only incorporate so much sugar. You'll just have more undissolved sugar residue at the bottom of the tank. Sure it's annoying, but it doesn't damage the engine.


Throughout human history, how many people have lived and how many have died?

A. According to estimates by the Population Reference Bureau, around 108 billion people have been born since the emergence of the human species. Another study published in Population and Development Review estimates that approximately 107 billion humans have lived in total.

A more recent study from 2020 estimated that, throughout history, around 110 billion people have lived.

It is believed that around 7% of those born are still alive today. Considering the range of 100-110 billion, this means that 93-94%, approximately 100 billion people have died throughout history.

The world population was historically very low until recent centuries. Some estimate that half of all humans have lived in the last 100 years.

Summing up, the best estimates indicate that between 100-110 billion people have lived on Earth since the rise of modern humans, with about 100 billion having died throughout history and about eight billion still alive. But it is difficult to pinpoint this before modern population data were used.


Who have been the fastest athletes in the 100 meter races?

A. Your question is interesting and allows me to share an infuriating fact: of the 30 fastest 100-meter sprint times in history, 21 were run by athletes who tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs, banned stimulants, the other nine They are from Usain Bolt.

According to a scholar of the subject, in relation to Usain Bolt: “This athlete is the combination of many factors that add up well. “Right genetics, born to someone with the right motivation and influences, born in the right place.” The alignment of the stars!

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