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It seems that Ana Bárbara is going through a moment of family estrangement and very bad influence.
It is clear to me that with yours, rightly or wrongly. I told this to you from Ana Bárbara, who has revealed that, for some reason, which I do not know for sure, but the rumors suggest that it is because of the relationship she maintains with a man named Ángel, she was apparently separated from her entire family. and close people.
Let's go by parts. She hasn't spoken to Mrs. Lourdes, her mother, for months and, consequently, she hasn't seen her. To Don Antero, her father, much less. Her brother Pancho is even being sued for a song that I don't know exactly who wrote, whether she or him. Mr. Ángel “invited” her children to leave her mother's house, then they tell me that she constantly mistreated them and gave them army-type punishments. And the two ladies who helped her for many years, almost 18, to take care of her children, she fired them from the house without any compensation.
Doesn't all this seem very strange to you? It could be one, perhaps the father, perhaps one of the children, perhaps one of the service people, but all of them and at the same time?
They tell me that Altagracia Ugalde (Ana Bárbara's real name) is very badly influenced and many people point directly to Mr. Ángel, who is not only her romantic partner, but also a partner in properties, such as the Beverly Hills house that they recently acquired.
That's how things are. I hope it clears up and things don't turn out as they seem.

I'm talking about the life of Barbie Juárez, the world boxing champion, who was recently at La Casa de los Famosos, although it is my obligation to tell you that that place did not go down well with her image, because she is a nice, confident woman. of herself, a high-performance athlete, for whom life has played rough and, in her case, they do not know what childhood she had.
I tell you all this because she is the special guest on my talk show The Minute That Changed My Destiny this coming Saturday at 9:00 p.m. They are going to go backwards with her life story. Next Saturday night on Imagen Televisión.

You will find all this every day, from 12:00 to 1:30 p.m., on my social media program, on YouTube and Facebook, Gustavo Adolfo Infante TV. It is a broadcast that I host, where I am accompanied by Jessica Gil Porras and we have friends, great specialists, like Alejandro Fernando, the numerologist; Maryfer Centeno, graphologist; Armando Romero, dentist; Alexis Lodigiani, bariatric and anti-aging doctor; Daniela Ortiz in horoscopes and Dr. Rigoberto Aramburo in plastic surgery. I wait for you every day at noon.

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